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Keystone State Shootout Rules

There will be three (3) games consisting of six (6) substitution periods. Each player will play at least three (3) substitution periods. The first two games will be 40 minutes long. If there are 11 players on a team, a 7th substitution period will be added.

  1. No score will be kept. In this showcase, winning is not important, having a good day is important. We hope everyone plays great.
  2. Every team will have one (1) coach that will coach you for all three (3) games. Coaches will get to know you and your game.
  3. Players must wear the reversible mesh game jerseys at all times so they can be identified by the coaches and scouting services.
  4. Players MUST move the ball around so every player on the team gets maximum touches. No ball hogging will be tolerated. Keystone is not like other shootouts, who allow the big time players to shoot most of the time.
  5. Players will have their games live streamed directly to every college coach in america with play by play broadcast, player introductions, and player interviews. they are also available to be replayed 24/7.
  6. Players should treat facilities, coaches, and other players with respect. Flagrant fouls and any unsportsmanlike conduct can cause a player to be ejected from the game and be eliminated.

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